Just have to thank you guys for giving us this amazing product. The pads were great & didn’t have the feel of periods at all in spite of heavy flow during the back-to-back functions. Seriously your products are worth buying! Stress-free periods!

The SheEase sanitary napkins are so so amazing. They are so light to carry and very soft. I’m so glad I ordered them. Best decision ever. Thank you, SheEase! I’m recommending this to all my friends and I just cannot use any other brand after SheEase!

It’s the best. I’ve used many brands but none felt as soft & comfortable as this one. There is no itching, no rashes, and most importantly no smell. Recommend this!

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for providing us with such a fantastic product. Despite strong flow during back-to-back functions, the pads were fantastic and didn’t feel like periods at all. Your products are truly worth purchasing! Periods with no stress!

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