SheEase for Today’s Women

Introducing smart & Sassy, SheEase the Ultra-thin sanitary pads, for today’s women

  • Go Sassy while Graphene making your Menstrual Cramps
  • EasyGo Smart with Non-Toxic, Breathable Layers shielding you throughout
  • Go Confident with Super Soft Extra Layer of Side Leak Protection
  • Go Comfortable with Gel Technology that locks wetness and feels dry
  • Supreme Ultra thin Tri-folded with individual wrapping
  • Super Soft Hydrophobic Side leak protection
  • Perforated Soft Nonwoven topsheet
  • Graphene Anion Strip
  • SAP Paper 360° wrapped with Airlaid Paper
  • Breathable
  • 200ml Absorbtion
  • 8 layers

Available Sizes:

  • 185mm M
  • 245mm L
  • 280mm XL
  • 330mm XXL

No of pads: 7

Size: 280mm

8 Layer Protection

Layer 1: Perfect and smooth cotton surface – Gives you more comfort.

Layer 2 : Anion strip – Natural solution for menstrual discomforts.

Layer 3 : Air laid paper – It gives more freshness and softness.

Layer 4 : Super absorbant polymer – It prevents moisture , keep surface dry

Layer 5 : Super absorbant cotton prevents moisture from spreading

Layer 6 : Air laid  paper – it gives more freshness and softness.

Layer 7 : Breathable bottom layer – Avoid moisture and heat.

Layer 8 : Release paper – help to fix easily.



7 Pads


Cramp-free Periods

Super Soft Extra Side Leak Layer

Super Absorbent Core


Zero Toxic Chemicals

Instructions to Use:

  1. Wash hands before opening the pad
  2. Peel of back release paper and stick firmly on your panty
  3. Peel off the release paper from the wings
  4. Fold wings towards the back of the panty and stick firmly

Instructions to Dispose:

  1. Wrap used pad in a paper before trashing it in the dustbin or incinerator
  2. Do not flush pads in the toilet or water bodies (Also use Do not Litter Symbol)
  3. Best before 3 years from the Date of Manufacture
  4. Store in a cool dry place

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Only Rs – 399/-

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