Periods are an integral part of a woman’s life, and so are sanitary pads! While on her periods, a woman surely experiences discomfort, irritation, and menstrual pain. However, we at MiDude dedicate ourselves to creating sanitary pads that are safe, comfortable & effective so that nothing stops her from going out and living her life.
You can also check out our range of sanitary napkins online. With MiDude, glide through your periods with ease!


SheEase for Today’s Women

Introducing smart & Sassy, SheEase the Ultra-thin sanitary pads, for today’s women

  • Go Sassy while Graphene  making your Menstrual Cramps
  • EasyGo Smart with Non-Toxic, Breathable Layers shielding you throughout
  • Go Confident with Super Soft Extra Layer of Side Leak Protection
  • Go Comfortable with Gel Technology that locks wetness and feels dry

Available Sizes:

  • 185mm M
  • 245mm L
  • 280mm XL
  • 330mm XXL

No of pads: 7
Size: 280mm

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