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Go Sassy

The graphene in the pads bestows many benefits such as helping with dysmenorrhea (painful abdominal cramps), fatigue, metabolism, bacteria, aroma, immune system, and moving heat away from the core.

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Go Smart

All our products are environmentally sound and made with reduced plastic. Packaged in 100% biodegradable material, they come with recyclable bags for hygienic disposal of the product after use.

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Go Confident

With 8 layers of protection, there are no chances of leakage or staining when you are using these pads.

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Zero Toxic

Our super-soft sanitary pads are tested to be fragrance-free, chlorine-free, and pH-compatible, thereby giving you a skin-friendly alternative that reduces the chances of rashes, irritation, and infection.

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With an impressive growth record in this highly competitive industry, we are providing a qualitative range of Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkin.

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SheEase from MiDude!

Trading & Manufacturing

We believe in the greatest level of feminine care and comfort. MiDude was created with the conviction that by putting in a little additional effort in the appropriate places, we could revolutionise the way women think about period comfort. We designed our products with women and their comfort in mind, not merely as another menstrual product. We conducted months of study and spoke with hundreds of young women, all of whom agreed that they are just using what is available because they have no other choice. We want to alter that; we want to be there for women through this trying time, giving them one less thing to worry about and allowing them to feel naturally confident and at ease.

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Just have to thank you guys for giving us this amazing product. The pads were great & didn’t have the feel of periods at all in spite of heavy flow during the back-to-back functions. Seriously your products are worth buying! Stress-free periods!

The SheEase sanitary napkins are so so amazing. They are so light to carry and very soft. I’m so glad I ordered them. Best decision ever. Thank you, SheEase! I’m recommending this to all my friends and I just cannot use any other brand after SheEase!

It’s the best. I’ve used many brands but none felt as soft & comfortable as this one. There is no itching, no rashes, and most importantly no smell. Recommend this!

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for providing us with such a fantastic product. Despite strong flow during back-to-back functions, the pads were fantastic and didn’t feel like periods at all. Your products are truly worth purchasing! Periods with no stress!

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